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Think Twice Before Donating to LLLI this Year

July 31, 2022

La Leche League Leaders around the world have just received an email from the LLLI Board that reads in part:

Throughout the past 65 years, LLLI has depended on the generous spirit and personal outreach of our loyal and committed members and Leaders. The successes we have experienced as an organization - and the successful breastfeeding experiences we have brought to mothers and families around the world - result from individuals who have stepped up to share their knowledge, offer support and extend the outreach of LLLI through their personal donations.

As mothersformother.com has consistently argued LLLI has turned evidence, logic and the loyalty of its long term Leaders away in favor of gender ideology. This gender theory posits that bodies don’t matter as feelings are more important than facts when it comes to caring for the most vulnerable members of society; babies. This is not the same request for donations as has been made for over the past 65 years. This appeal for donations is far removed from supporting the past work of LLL.

By financially supporting LLLI today, donors are now unwittingly supporting the spread of gender ideology in La Leche League over the real needs of mothers and babies. Through language changes, silencing of questions, and the discrediting of Leaders, the Board has been derelict in its duty to support breastfeeding mothers, forcing Western ideology upon the rest of the world in a blatant display of arrogance. Please think before you donate money to an organization with a Board of Directors who has been captured by the transgender/transhumanistic medical surgical complex of Big Pharma, which seeks to create lifetime medical patients with local citizens footing the bill.

Breastfeeding is natural. Unnecessary surgeries and irreversible drugs are not. LLL should not be supporting drastic surgeries especially on children with the lie that "everyone" can someday breastfeed. It's not possible to breastfeed with your breasts removed or if you are a male.

Many “loyal and committed Leaders” have resigned or been discredited for failure to pledge allegiance to a philosophical, political belief system that is totally disconnected from biology, physiology and reality. Queer theory and gender identity are academic ramblings that have no relation to most of humanity and nothing to do with mammalian reproduction. Despite having no basis at all in any evidentiary truth, LLLI has decided that “mother” is an exclusionary word and so now insists that “a variety of terms” is necessary to describe mothers—those who are capable of conceiving, gestating and birthing babies. Leaders who persist in using the word "mother" risk discreditation. Consider what it means to donate to an organization that breaks ties to the long time Leaders who insist that only women are mothers.

The Fox Guarding the Hen House

An LLL Leader, an advocate of gender ideology in LLL, was ‘investigated’ following complaints from many Leaders about her inappropriate racial comments on a public forum.

This Leader, on a global lactation site, criticized the authors based upon their ethnic and racial backgrounds. This was a well-researched paper that had been welcomed by both professional and lay organizations involved in aspects of maternity care.

Given the people who wrote this paper, this is not appropriate commentary and especially from a representative of LLL. She did not offer up any criticisms of the paper itself, her comments were about the personal qualities and the authors' skin tones. She referred to them as “colonisers” and “oppressors” and questioned their motivations for writing their paper.

It appears the Board only enforces the Inclusivity Policy when it involves transgender language issues. If a Leader uses ethnic slurs while publicly identifying herself as a Leader, that seems to be fine. But if a Leader offers support for keeping the words "mother" and "breastfeeding" in publications, she is censured and threatened with further consequences. Is this the LLL you want to donate to?

You might think that with such a strong policy, the LLLI Board would have investigated this incident transparently and with no conflict of interest. Unfortunately, it appears they did not. The committee, who would not allow their names to be revealed were all members of the current LLLI Board. The Leader in question is a former Board member with friends on the current Board deciding her fate.

Complaints of this nature would normally be handled by the Conflict Resolution Team, but the Board disbanded that committee months ago and now sits as judge and jury to any problems in LLL. The Board found nothing at all inappropriate about this Leader's comments. Is this the best way to spend your money? Do donors really want to support a corrupted organization who has abandoned mothers and babies for the glory of an elevated woke stature in their academic communities?

One can only conclude that the LLLI Board is happy to support racial prejudice, slurs against acknowledged professionals alongside calls for more research into male lactation and breastless women “chestfeeding” formula to their babies (because this is their only option).

Historic and Profound Change in LLL Leader Accreditation

From the same email mentioned above:

“The LLLI Inclusivity Statement says that 'LLLI seeks the equitable accreditation of a diverse body of Leaders'. One of the LLLI Strategic Plan goals is to identify any barriers to Leader accreditation.”

The main barrier to Leader accreditation now is that any mother who holds gender critical views will be discarded as unsuitable for leadership.

Leaders also have been unceremoniously removed from committees because they have questioned LLLI policies relating to gender identity issues. Unless a Leader champions “human milk feeding”, males lactating and mutilated bodies of young women, there may not be a place for her in today’s LLL. Think before you donate.

This has led to further problems for average Leaders who are not in the gender cult. A recent exchange on the LLL Leaders Facebook page was enlightening. Clearly some mothers are not happy at being erased in favor of lactating “parents” and “families” and are pushing back at the increasingly dehumanized language appearing in LLL meeting notices and publicity.

In line with many other captured organizations, LLL now expects its Leaders to advertise services without referring to “women”, “mothers” or “breastfeeding” at all. And we thought that the 1950s was a regressive era for women’s empowerment!

The Board appears to have put Leaders into potentially abusive situations with their Inclusivity Policy which states that "everyone" should be included in breastfeeding support.

Recently, a Leader reached out for support on an internet forum. Her online meeting had been hijacked by “a bunch of guys” who insulted the women present and then one of them started masturbating live on camera during the meeting.

Clearly, the implications of helping "everyone" to breastfeed—including men—has not been properly studied by the LLLI Board. In fact it has been ignored. The men who hijacked the meeting belonged to an international toddler breastfeeding fetish group. The fact that LLLI Board is silent on this safeguarding issue makes one wonder if they are prioritizing pedophile fetishes over women and children's safety. Donors need to consider who they are giving their money to. Is this the La Leche League you know and trust? Or can you see the infiltration of a group of people with callous disregard for mothers and breastfeeding?

And yet, according to the LLLI Board, no further safeguarding of women and children is necessary.

How far from the Mission Statement can you go before it's completely unrecognizable? You could ask the Board yourself: board@llli.org. Do it before you consider financially supporting this broken organization. Think Twice.


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